Optimaal Dienstverlening BV was incorporated in July 2013. Optimaal Dienstverlening BV is a B2B company with various business offerings. Our primary business at inception was interior cleaning of office and commercial complexes.

We’ve evolved over time and started adding different dimensions to our business. We started general trading in various products, mainly focussed in Pharmaceutical ingredients and consumer durable goods. After finding success in this initial run, we started expanding our business in different geographical markets. Today, we operate directly or indirectly (through agents) in 22 countries outside of the EU. The company intends to service 50 countries by the end of 2020-21.

The Next Level: The company plans to deal in packaging company by the end of 2020.

Olive Oil

Our expansion also led to increase in the demand for other non-core products and in 2019 the company ventured into the Olive Oil business. The demand for Olive oil in these markets are driven by the quality of the product as many players are present but most are driven by volume or value but the space for quality at reasonable price has been lacking. The demand for olive oil from countries like Spain, Italy and Greece is ever expanding.

Consumer Durables

2019, was the turning point for the company as the management rejigged their resources and started focusing onto mass consumer products.

High demand for cost effective consumer products. Online Sales and Ecommerce is thriving due to the rising demand low pricing matrix. New brands are emerging rapidly. Our strategy for this category is unique. We create reverse demand from the online sales company to brick & mortar giant stores.


During the early days of expansion, the company was reliant on various logistics companies for support, however with increased demand the company found it sensible to start its own logistics division. The company started supporting the rapidly growing needs of the developing countries. In January 2020 the company extended the offering to other clients, with courier services and air freight and cargo shipments.

The company currently is focused on heavy export driven countries in the Far East, Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent region

Medical Equipment/Hospital Supplies/Healthcare Equipment

Optimaal Dienstverlening BV has been actively involved in the business of non-pharmaceutical goods since 2019. Optimaal Dienstverlening BV during its early days of trading use to solely deal with procurement and sales of pharmaceutical ingredients. After several years of being in the medical business Optimaal Dienstverlening BV extended its presence in the medical field by dealing in Medical Equipment, Hospital Supplies and Healthcare Equipment.

This business focuses on Aids for Daily Living and supports its ancillary requirements. This category is vast and is ever expanding, We majorly deal with Hospital beds, Clutches, Wheelchairs, Sanitizers, Physiotherapy equipment to name a few. Our presence in this category coupled with competitive pricing and aggressive strategies has pushed our customers to encourage us to add more products to our medical category.

Ready Made fashion Wear

In 2020 Optimaal Dienstverlening BV ventured in Ready Made Fashion Wear business. This B2B arm of the business collaborates with fashion houses and super distributors to make their product available in physical chain stores and stand alone stores.
The ready made fashion industry has seen a seen a lot of swings with the advent of the online retail, however a sizable portion of the customers still prefer to try out the products before buying them, to avoid returns and payment commitments.
This arm of our business uses its distribution muscle to penetrate into hard to crack stores and derive value. The philosophy of the company has always been to cut cost and layers and make our partners business more profitable and increase width and depth of distribution. We deal in volumes so that the economies of scales work in favor of all. Our team focuses on the distribution strategies besides creating a better brand value for our partners.


Mohammed Mirza is an internationally experienced Senior Director and Business Leader from a marketing and logistics background with a demonstrable record of building successful companies. Proven commercial acumen and entrepreneurial flair at identifying new business opportunities with exceptional sales and marketing skills, effecting new market entry strategies and forging profitable alliances and partnerships. A very resourceful, customer-focused, and financially astute individual, offering 360-degree management, now based Netherlands, to manage the strategic development of his new venture.

Prior to forming his own ventures he was involved in M&A for a few multinationals companies.

Mirza has a business management degree from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Denmark